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My work is centred around the found object, but this also overlaps with notions of excavation and the land. Acting like a mediator, selecting and presenting items for the consideration of the viewer. The process of how I work is dictated by the objects I find and this is where I find inspiration and the journey of creating. Museums are a strong influence as museums can live in our cupboards and imaginations, awaiting their moment of arrival. Printmaking is a strong factor in my work where I try to push the boundaries of printmaking to a new refreshing approach which is often thought to be a very traditional medium. This discipline is often collaged and mixed with painting/drawing/sewing/assemblage. The desire to truly understand our relationship with objects through a cross disciplinary approach is my focus as an artist.

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Coastal Study

Mono, Lino and Drypoint Print


Printmaking Workshops

Mono printing, etching, screen printing, Lino printing and collagraph classes.

See the printmaking classes tab at the top of the page for more information. 


Monoprint and drypoint. 

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